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Quinine Sulfate Fluoresence Reference



  • A solution of 1.28x10-6 mol/L quinine sulfate in 0.105 mol/L perchloric acid. The reference material is permanently heat fusion sealed in a quartz fluorometer cell. The reference is also available with a percholric acid blank if required.
  • Calibration of fluorescence spectrophotometers and evaluation of methods used on the fluoresence spectrophotometer.
  • 375nm to 675nm
  • Far UV quartz fluoresence cell that have been permanently sealed by heat fusion
  • Each set is supplied with a Certificate of Analysis and NIST Traceability
  • Accredited by UKAS ISO 17025, ISO Guide 34 and ISO 9001

Product Description

NIST SRM 936a is supplied as a crystalline material and is made into a stock solution as described in the Certificate of Analysis supplied with NIST SRM 936a. We then fill a high quality Starna far UV quartz fluorometer cell with the SRM stock solution and permanently heat seal the cell. The reference can be used multiple times on multiple instruments because the material is not consumed due to the sealed cell format. The quinine sulfate reference can also be supplied with a perchloric acid blank should that be required by the user.

Where instrument linearity needs to be established, sets with different concentrations of Quinine Sulphate and a blank are available in the following concentrations, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 and 1.0 mg/l.

The Starna reference set is supplied with a Certificate of Validation by our reference lab which is accredited by UKAS under ISO-9001, ISO-17025 and ISO Guide 34. You can download a copy of the NIST Certificate of Analysis for more information about Quinine Sulfate reference here.

Corrected molecular emission spectrum