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96 Well Micro Plate Reader Validation Plate

RMMR-1N3NN1N3HG (96 Well Micro Plate Reader Validation Plate)

96 well micro plate validation filters for wavelength and absorbance scales, NIST Traceable with UKAS ISO 17025 accredited certificate of calibration. The primary useage is the validation of the visible of photometric scale of 96 well micro plate readers, with a useable wavelength of 360nm to 637nm and an absorbance scale of 440nm to 635nm. It's configured with glass filters mounted in 96 well format anodized aluminum holder.

Our 96 well micro plate reader filter sets are based on and traceable to the NIST sets SRM 930e, SRM 1930 and NIST 2034. This micro plate is used to test the photometric scale in both Transmission and Absorbance and wavelength accuracy in the visible wavelength range. The absorbance filters are made from Schott NG-type glass which blocks a known percentage of the light passing through it. We calibrate the glass type and thickness of the filters to produce known transmission and absorption values. The approximate values are shown on the chart below.

Each NIST traceable filter is individually tested and certified to transmission values and confidence intervals.  The wavelength filter is made of Holmium glass and is effective across the visible range. The filters have been shown to be effective in all micro plate readers on the market.