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260/280 Ratio Validation Reference

(RM-DNA) 260 280 ratio validation reference

The 260/280 Ratio Validation Reference uses a standard solution which gives a stable 260/280nm ratio of 1.8 to 2.0, NIST Traceable with UKAS ISO 17025 accredited certificate of calibration. The primary usage is to control the quality of DNA/RNA purity analysis, with a usable range of 260nm and 280nm. The far UV quartz cell that has been permanently sealed by heat fusion. 

When running DNA or RNA purity analysis on your spectrophotometer it is important to assure that your instrument is working correctly. Our DNA/RNA validation standard is a permanently sealed quartz cell which contains a stable solution which mimics the 260/280nm ratio of DNA and RNA. The reference is supplied with a certificate which lists the expected 260/280nm ratio of the cell and the confidence limit of the ratio. The validation analysis is performed by our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and is traceable to NIST.

The importance of this reference is that it allows you to validate your work in real time. When measuring unknown samples your can assure that your instrument is working correctly by reading the validation standard both before and after each run of unknowns. If you are using a spectrophotometer which automatically calculates the 260/280 ratio then all that you need to do is place the DNA/RNA validation reference in your spectrophotometer and run the instrument's routine for the 260/280 ratio. If the ratio is valid when compared to the certificate then you can be assured that your instrument is calculating the ratio correctly. In a spectrophotometer without an automatic calculation feature, simply use the DNA/ RNA validation reference as you would your other samples to validate your analytical procedure..

Typical Uncorrected

Absorbance Values: 260nm 0.765A/280nm 0.405A

Ratio: 1.89