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Semi Disposable Plastic Fiber Optic O2/DO Sensors


These probes are semi disposible, sterilizable, biocompatible, zero long term drift, medical grade fibers with a fluoropolymer core/PMMA clad (NA 0.55). Contact us for a quote for custom lengths (minimum order is 10). Some of the key advantages of this product is the low cost and small size (down to 250 microns). 

W -- white acrylic overcoat

BA -- black acrylic overcoat

BMS -- black Medical Silicone overcoat

There are two types of cap coatings

1) The HIPOXY (formerly AP) series designed for zero long term drift with applications:

Environmental monitoring
Process control
In line monitoring in beverage industry
Waste water treatment
Long-term measurement in soil

2) The HYROXY (formerly HCR) series for Hydrocarbon Resistant Oxygen applications:

Oil industry: refineries, fuel processing
Chemical industry involving explosive hydrocarbons and flammable solvents
Aviation industry: OBIGS, OBOGS, online real-time fuel tank monitoring


New part number -- Old part number



HIPOXY-PF-1000 -- FMI-AP-POF-OX-1000

HIPOXY-PF-1500 -- FMI-AP-POF-OX-1500

HIPOXY-PF-2000 -- FMI-AP-POF-OX-2000

AP formulation

HCR formulation

Response rate

T90 = 3 seconds

T90 = 1 second

Dynamic range in gas

0-100% O2/0-760 mmHg O2

0-100% O2/0-760 mmHg O2

Dynamic range in water (DO)

0-40 ppm (wt)

0-40 ppm (wt)

Resolution in gas

0.005% O2 / 0.04 mmHg

0.05% O2 / 0.4 mmHg

Resolution in water (DO)

0.002 ppm (wt) / 2.0 ppb (wt)

0.02 ppm (wt) / 20 ppb (wt)


5% of reading

5% of reading

Lowest detectable level (gas)

0.005% O2 / 0.04 mmHg

0.05 % O2 / 0.4 mmHg

Lowest detectable level (water)

0.002 ppm (wt) / 2.0 ppb (wt)

0.02 ppm (wt) / 20 ppb (wt)

Sensor drift

Zero drift long term continuous operation

0.0001 O2% per hour

Operating temperature

-50 to + 100 C

-50 to + 200 C

Probe lifetime

3 years

3 years