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DH-MINI Light Source


Despite its compact size the DH-mini produces strong output across the UV-Visible and near-IR from 200-2500 nm. The DH-mini enables applications that are otherwise challenging for compact light sources, such as fiber probe-based reflection measurements where throughput is a challenge. Absorption and transmission measurements with opaque or optically dense samples also benefit from the high intensity of the DH-mini. The DH-mini is packed with features that make it easy to use. The tungsten and deuterium source bulbs can be turned on and off individually, limiting stray light in challenging measurements. An internal shutter can be opened and closed using simple buttons with LED indicators on the front panel. For automated processes or remote measurements, a TTL signal also can be used to control all functions. The DH-mini has been designed with OEM integration in mind. Not only does it provide high power from a small footprint, it also makes integration a breeze with full remote control of all functions via a 4-pin TTL connector. Galvanic isolation of the TTL pulse provides reliable performance in complicated environments like an electrically noisy production floor.

DH-MINI-B Replacement bulb for UV-VIS-NIR Lightsource DH-MINI