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Wave Length Calibration Light Sources






Dimensions: 12.6 x 7.0 x 2.6 cm

Weight: 180 g

Power consumption: 2A (maximum) at 5 VDC when battery is


Power requirements: 5 VDC power supply; rechargeable,

embedded lithium ion battery

Bulb life: 3,500 hours (typical)

Aperture: 3 mm

Amplitude stabilization: ~1 minute

Optical connector: SMA 905



Built-In Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery – This feature provides the

ultimate portability for these light sources, allowing over an hour of

continuous use in the field. In addition to the convenience of a having a

built-in battery, rechargeable batteries are greener to manufacture and

can last for hundreds of cycles over many years.



Remote Enable - Each Wavelength Calibration Light Source can be

remotely turned on/off with a low voltage signal (2.5-5V).


A locking power cable helps to ensure that power is not accidentally

disrupted during a critical time in your calibration process.


Three different indicator lights in the front help users easily identify the

state of the on-board battery.