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Ocean Optics

White Bear Photonics is a distributor for Ocean Optics, the first company to develop a low cost fiber optic UV-VIS-NIR miniature spectrometer system for a wide range of new applications. Ocean Optics is the world leader in solutions for optical sensing. We enable diverse applications in medical and biological research, environmental monitoring, life science, science education and entertainment lighting and display. Our extensive line of complementary technologies includes spectrometers, chemical sensors, metrology instrumentation, optical fibers and thin films and optics. Recognized as the inventor of miniature fiber optic spectroscopy.
Ocean Optics has developed a diversified set of manufacturing arts that are essential to components in four key photonics segments: Optical Sensing, Optical Networking, Display Optics and Biophotonics. Primary markets include consumer electronics, process control, environmental monitoring, life sciences and medical diagnostics. Our systems have been used everywhere from in vivo to the ocean floor; on the Mars Rover and the Mir space station; and in Florida's orange groves and South America's rain forests.

Spectroscopic techniques supported include:

UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy
On-line spectroscopy
Color spectroscopy
Raman spectroscopy
Fluorescence spectroscopy
Fiber optic chemical sensing
Spectral imaging
Fiber optic UV-VIS-NIR spectrometers ranging from miniature, modular systems to process analyzers
Low-cost Raman spectrometers for process control and other applications
Fiber optic chemical sensors for measuring oxygen and pH
Optical fibers, assemblies and probes

Raman sample holder

Ocean Optics offers several sample holders for Raman analysis of liquids and solids, including a multipurpose holder that can be configured for fluorescence and other measurements. The holders accommodate Raman probes from 9.5 mm-12.7 mm diameter and 1 cm pathlength cuvettes and vials of various dimensions.Full Detail


Flame-Resistant Fiber Probe

The FL-400 is a heat-resistant fiber optic probe that couples via a fiber and splice bushing to our spectrometers to measure in situ emission spectra. Typical samples include dissolved metals and high-temperature plasmas, but these probes are also useful for measurements close to a high-temperature object like a furnace or flame.Full Detail


Longpass Flow Cells

LPC Longpass Flow Cells couple to Ocean Optics spectrometers and light sources for measurement of low-volume and low-concentration aqueous samples. The cells are available in standard and microvolume versions, with pathlengths ranging from 1 cm-500 cm and internal volume levels from 2.4 µL-1,250 µL.

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STAN Series Reflectance Standards

Ocean Optics offers specular reflectance standards for measuring shiny surfaces such as machined metals and semiconductor materials and low-reflectivity surfaces such as anti-reflective coatings and thin film coatings.

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74-90 series Lenses, Holders & Mounts

Ocean Optics 74-90-UVs are 3/8-24 threaded black anodized aluminum assemblies for mounting lenses at 90°, for applications involving limited space and inconvenient optical fiber routing.Full Detail


Fiber Tinkerer Kit

The Fiber Tinkerer Kit is perfect for the optical fiber novice, as it includes an assortment of selected UV-VIS and VIS-NIR optical fibers in a variety of short lengths. Full Detail


Phototubus Microscope Adapter

This adapter allows SMA 905-terminated optical fibers to be connected seamlessly to a phototubus outlet on a microscope so that light from within the microscope’s field of view can be routed to a spectrometer for spectral analysis.


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WS-1 Reflectance Standard

Ocean Optics offers two types of diffuse reflectance standards. The WS-1 uses a PTFE optical diffuser, a Lambertian material distinguished by its white matte finish.

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84-UV-25 Collimating Lens

The 84-UV-25 collimating lens is designed for coupling larger free-space beams to optical fibers. These large-diameter lenses are especially suitable for collimating light at long distances in open air and have been tested to distances of up to 40 feet.


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IDRaman Microscope

The IDRaman micro from Ocean Optics is a Raman microscope optimized for high-sensitivity measurements n research, quality control and quality assurance environments.This powerful instrument uses a novel focusing technique to make sampling more accurate and easier to perform than with systems based on traditional inverted microscopes.Full Detail


MonoScan2000 Scanning Monochromator

The MonoScan2000 is a scanning monochromator that’s ideal for turning broadband light sources into tunable sources for selecting excitation and emission wavelengths in fluorescence applications or illumination and read wavelengths in reflectance and transmittance applications.

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ADP-SMA-SMA Fiber Modemixer/Modestripper

This 3 mm Suprasil rod mates in-line with two SMA 905-terminated optical fibers. As light passes through it, the core modes injected from the first fiber are mixed, while cladding modes are stripped prior to coupling into the second fiber.Full Detail


Integrated Raman Spectrometer

The IDRaman reader from Ocean Optics is a fully integrated Raman spectrometer system featuring Raster Orbital Scanning technology (ROS). Scanning a tightly focused laser beam over the sample surface maximizes sensitivity and maintains high resolution for the most reliable Raman measurements.Full Detail


NIR Quest Spectrometers

Small-footprint Spectrometer for Near-Infrared Measurements.

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Flame Integrated Sampling Systems

Flame Integrated Sampling Systems for Flame spectrometers accommodate 1 cm pathlength cuvettes and are ideal for customers who measure transmission and absorbance of liquid samples. These integrated sampling systems are perfect for those needing a compact spectroscopy set up for the lab or classroom without sacrificing the flexibility of modular spectroscopy. 

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BFA-KIT Bare Fiber Adapter Kit

This do-it-yourself bare fiber termination and polishing kit is perfect for the fiber tinkerer who wants to polish bare (unjacketed) optical fiber without terminating it. The unique connect-and-release adapter chuck allows you to securely hold the fiber within one of the included SMA 905 connectors without epoxy for temporary use.

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INLINE-TTL Electronic Shutter

The INLINE-TTL-S is an electronic shutter for use in Ocean Optics spectrometer setups. The shutter assembly installs between two collimating lenses and allows you to block the light path for dark measurements without having to disturb the experiment setup.Full Detail



Novel metal-to-glass seal mounted in a bolt with recessed O-ring, provided with nut and washer.Full Detail


SpecVette Cuvettes

Short Pathlength Cuvettes for Microvolume Sampling

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