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Probe Fixtures and Holders


Optical Fiber and Probe Accessories
Ocean Optics makes a wide variety of accessories for use with our optical fiber patch cords, probes and other optical fiber assemblies.

C-Mount-MIC Adapter
 The C-MOUNT-MIC Adapter Assembly with adjustable focusing barrel has an SMA 905 Connector in its center for attaching to optical fibers. The internal C-mount threads of this assembly allow you to adapt fiber optic spectrometer systems to other optical devices such as microscopes and telescopes.
Note - threads connecting to microscope are male.

Curved Surface Probe Holder, CSH & CHS-45 These probe holders hold 6.35-mm OD probes for measuring reflection of curved surfaces. Rubber footing prevents scratching. Available in versions for holding samples at 90º (CSH) or 45º (CSH-45).

FVA-UV Fiber Optic Variable Attenuator The FVA-UV is an opto-mechanical device that helps control the amount of light (signal) transmitted between two fibers. The FVA-UV couples to the fibers via SMA 905 connectors, with manual adjustment for attenuating light uniformly at all wavelengths from the UV-Vis through Shortwave NIR. Also available are adapters for connecting the attenuator to most of the light sources having a collimating lens at its aperture.

GER-KIT Gershun Tube Kit The GER-KIT is an optical assembly that attaches to a spectrometer or SMA 905-terminated optical fiber to control the FOV of the setup. Each assembly comprises a conical base and middle and outer barrels that are threaded together. User-interchangeable apertures can be installed to adjust FOV at different increments from 1°-28°.

MFA-C-MOUNT This adapter allows 6.35 mm (1/4″) diameter optical fiber probes to be connected seamlessly to the C-mount port of a microscope or telescope so that light can be routed to a spectrometer for full spectral analysis.

RPH-1 & RPH-2 Reflection Probe Holders (and RPH-ADP Reflection Probe Adapter) RPH reflection probe holders are sturdy, simple to use mechanical fixtures for positioning reflection probes at 45° and 90° to flat surfaces. When combined with Ocean Optics spectrometers, light sources and reflection probes, RPH probe holders help to complete your reflection measurement setup. The RPH-1 reflection probe holder accommodates both 1/4″ (6.35 mm) and 1/8″ (3.17 mm) diameter reflection probes; the latter requires the use of an adapter (RPH-ADP). The RPH-2 has the same features, but is designed for use with reflection probes terminated with premium-grade SMA 905 connectors (QSMA).


Item Description Reflection Measurements
RPH-1 Anodized aluminum probe holder for 6.35 mm (1/4″) diameter reflection probes 45° and 90° from flat surfaces
RPH-ADP Adapter for RPH-1 reflection probe holder used with 3.17 mm (1/8″) diameter reflection probes 45° and 90° from flat surfaces
RPH-2 Cylindrical probe holder for use with reflection probe having QSMA connectors (premium grade SMA 905) 45° and 90° from flat surfaces
CSH Probe holder for reflection of curved surfaces 90° from curved surfaces
CSH-45 Probe holder for reflection of curved surfaces 45° from curved surfaces