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FTIR Sampling

We offer sampling accessories for Thermo Nicolet FTIRs ranging from Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR), Horizontal Attenuated Reflectance (HATR), diffuse reflecatance etc.  These inserts are offered for models over a 30 year legacy from the Magna, Nexus, Avatar series to the most recent IS10 and IS50. 

Polystyrene Mid Infrared Wavelength Reference

Polystyrene film has been a popular wavelength reference for mid-infrared spectrometers for many years. These new NIST-traceable Starna Reference Materials can be used to qualify Mid IR - FTIR spectrophotometers for wavelength accuracy over the range 3.2 µm to 18.5 µm (3125 cm-1 to 540 cm-1).Full Detail