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(EDU-CHEMPACK-UV) Chemistry package; includes USB-650-UV-VIS and OceanView

(EDU-CHEMPACK-UV) Chemistry package; includes USB-650-UV-VIS and OceanView

We’ve put together several teaching laboratory kits for your convenience, each comprising a combination of spectrometer and accessories appropriate for chemistry or physics experiments, or both. EDU-PACK Kits are handy, easy to use and durable enough for frequent lab use.

  • EDU-CHEMPACK-UV for chemistry labs comprises a Red Tide spectrometer (~200-880 nm); sample pack of (8) plastic UV-Vis cuvettes; sample pack of dark-measurement accessories
    Developed for: Chemistry Chemistry Physics Chemistry and Physics
    Spectrometer: Red Tide USB-650-VIS-NIR Red Tide USB-650-UV-VIS Red Tide USB-650 Red Tide USB-650-VIS-NIR
    Optical fiber: Not included Not included P400-2-VIS-NIR P400-2-VIS-NIR
    Plastic cuvettes sample pack: CVD-UV1S-SAM (8-pack)C CVD-UV1S-SAM (8-pack) Not included CVD-UV1S-SAM (8-pack)
    Software: OceanView OceanView OceanView OceanView