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(EDU-STS-VIS-PACK) STS-VIS Spectroscopy Kit for Education

(EDU-STS-VIS-PACK) STS educational package

Experiment Possibilities Absorbance: Beer’s Law Emission: Atomic emission Fluorescence: Excited state molecules pH: Henderson Hasselbalch Transmission: Color measurement

Ocean Optics has packaged its robust, small-footprint STS-VIS spectrometer (350-800 nm) with a versatile illuminated cuvette holder and the ideal combination of accessories and software to help bring the excitement of spectroscopy to science labs everywhere. Take advantage of this kit to demonstrate principles of spectroscopy through absorbance, transmission, fluorescence, emission and pH measurements. A similar kit using the Spark spectral sensor is also available.


Item                                   Description  

STS-VIS-L-25-400-SMA  Visible microspectrometer, 350-800 nm, 50 µm slit, SMA 905 input

ECO-VIS                           Low-power Vis-NIR light source (400-2500 nm) with built-in cuvette holder and chrome-plated, reflective insert 

P400-1-VIS-NIR               400 µm lab-grade patch cord, 1 m length, 400-2100 nm transmission efficiency

CVD-UV1S-SAM             8-pack of plastic cuvettes, 230-900 nm,1.5-3.0 mL filling volume

PH-BCG-TRANS-CUV    PMMA Cuvettes with pH Patches installed (3)

EDU-CUV-DARK             Dark reference sampling accessory

CC-3                                Cosine corrector with opaline glass diffusing material

OCEANVIEW                  Spectroscopy software

Storage case                   Rugged case to contain all kit components* 

* We are currently evaluating different storage case options. In the meantime, we do offer several standard Pelican case options that will accommodate kit components.