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O2 Sensors


 Fiber Optic Oxygen Sensors.

We offer a variety of highly stable fiber optic oxygen sensing options ranging from biological and medical applications to dissolved Oxygen in fuels, Petroleum products, solvents,  and other hydrocarbons.  For remote sensing we offer coated patches that adhere to the inside wall of the package, vessel window, or flow cell.  The coating on the patch will be selected for biological or hydrocarbon applications.  Read out is achieved with a fiber optic bundle probe connected to an Ocean Optics NeoFox phase flourimeter.  Combined with the NeoFox phase fluorimeter, the NeoFox viewer is a comprehensive software package that allows real time monitoring of the oxygen levels.  We also offer medical grade probes where a bifurcated fiber and splice bushing connects the probe to the fiber and read out with the NeoFox flourimeter.  

Principle of Operation:  The NeoFox transmitts 450 nm light into the probe and the flourescence quenching of the O2 level is detected by the sinusoidal phase shift  of the incident light to the red shifted flourescnce signal.  Since this is a time-based measurement, it provides a system that is robust and unaffected by light losses when using the patches inside package or vessel window.  The patch size will be determined by the wall thickness since the light from the fiberoptic bundle is divergent.  For this reason, patch sizes can be made to any diameter so the fluoresccence effectively couples back into the fiber bundle/Neofox Fluorimeter.  

We recommend factory calibration for all probes and patches and that you provide us with the expected O2 range and temperatures.  This provides an accurate readout and ease of use when setting up your system since the factory calibration file is simply downloaded into the NeoFox fluorimeter.  For fiber optic oxygen sensing read out  we use and recommend the Ocean Optics NeoFox phase fluourimeter combined with the NeoFox viewer and temperature probe.



21-02 SMA Bushing

It allows your to connect a O2 probe to a Bifboro Bifurcated Fiber.Full Detail


NEOFOX-GT Fluorimeter

The NeoFox-GT is a small footprint phase fluorimeter that couples with Ocean Optics’ oxygen sensor probes and patches to provide fast and reliable oxygen measurements in both gas and liquid phases.

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Hypo Tube Oxygen Sensor Probe

These probes are ideal for penetrating septa in packaging, vials, and other vessels when used with our convenient puncturing accessory. Suitable for use in solutions and headspace, they make in-situ measurements easy.

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Fiber Optic Stainless Steel O2/DO sensor with embedded thermistor

High performance oxygen sensor Dip probes with embedded thermistor with (0.156") OD and (W, BA, BMS, No) protective coating. 

HIPOXY-DP-156 -- FMI-BB-AP-OX-T-156; HYROXY-DP-156 -- FMI-BB-HCR-OX-156Full Detail


Semi Disposable Glass Fiber Optic Sensors

Low cost glass fiber optic oxygen sensors, zero long term drift, borosillicate core/clad, NA 0.55. Custom lengths available (minimum order 10).

There are two types of cap coatings

1) The AP series designed for zero long term drift with applications:Full Detail


Semi Disposable Plastic Fiber Optic O2/DO Sensors

These probes are semi disposible, sterilizable, biocompatible, zero long term drift, medical grade fibers with a fluoropolymer core/PMMA clad (NA 0.55). Contact us for a quote for custom lengths (minimum order is 10). Some of the key advantages of this product is the low cost and small size (down to 250 microns). Full Detail


Stainless Steel O2 Probes with 1000 micron single glass fiber optic

Stainless steel oxygen probes designed for feed throughs in atmospheric and high pressure chambers. All probes include factory calibration settings.

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Bifurcated Fiber Optic O2 Sensors with Replaceable Cap



High performance oxygen sensor dip probes with embedded thermistor with (0.375") OD and (W, BA, BMS, no) protective coating.

HIPOXY-DP-375 -- FMI-BB-AP-OX-T-375; HIPOXY-SC-375 -- FMI-AP-OX-375-cap; HYROXY-DP-375 -- FMI-BB-HCR-OX-T-375; HYROXY-SC-375 -- FMI-HCR-OX-375-cap

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Oxygen Patches for Non-Invasive O2 Measurements

Our oxygen patches are designed for non-invasive measurement of oxygen in gas and liquids. These patches are installed inside packages on a small, transparent portion of a package prior to filling. 

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Bifrucated Optical Fibers for O2 Sensing with Probes and Patches

Engineered bifurcated optical fiber bundles designed for 1000 and 2000 micron probes as well as patches.  As pictured, these probes are used the Neofox controller for phase sensitive probe or remote (patch) sensing.


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