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Photometric and Neutral Density Sets

Buy on-line, White Bear Photonics offers Starna NIST Traceable reference standards for transmission and wavelength accuracy in the visible spectrum for spectrophotometers.

Neutral Density Filter Set

The set of Neutral Density Filters has three neutral density filters and a blank. The filters are mounted in anodized aluminum holders which are the size of a standard cuvette. The set contains:Full Detail


United States Pharmacopeia set with Didymium

United States Pharmacopeia set with Didymium:  NIST Traceable Sets for Photometric Accuracy, Wavelength Accuracy, and Stray Light.Full Detail


NIST Traceable Wavelength Reference Cell, Didymium

The Didymium NIST Traceable Wavelength Reference Cell, in perchloric acid, sealed in quartz cells, NIST Traceable with UKAS ISO 17025 accredited certificate of calibration. The primary usage is for assessment of wavelength scale accuracy in the Visible spectrum, with a usable range of 290nm to 870nm.

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