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White Bear Photonics offers used microscopes ranging from Labomed demonstration models to used models by Olympus, Nikon and more.

Navitar with Prior motorized translation stage

Complete Navitar inspection station with Prior Stage-controller, joystick, and software, Mitutoyo 50X long working distance objective, additional Olympus 10X and 4X objectives included for low Magnification inspection, ruled calibration standard, fiber light source, SenTech camera with software and laptop.Full Detail

Navitar System

Olympus BX51 Microscope with Multispectral Camera

Olympus BX 51 microscope configured for both transmission and EPI.  This is a unique system for multispectral analysis with a Pixlelteq Spectrocam Multispectral camera.  This system is capable of high resolution images at eight different wavelengths (see list of band pass filters included before).Full Detail