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Ocean Optics Equipment

We carry used Ocean Optics equipment and accessories that have been used for either demonstration models or for feasibility experiments.  All units have been pre-tested and are in good working order.

USB2000+ UV-VIS Irradiance Spectrometer (Demo)

USB2000+ UV-VIS spectrometer (Demo), with 600 um fiber, and cosine corrector.   Comes with a calibration file for irradiance measurements from 200-850 nm.  Requires Spectrsuite or Ocean View software.Full Detail


Used Ocean Optics USB 2000+ UV-VIS Spectrometer (Demo)

*Sony ILX511 2048-element linear silicon CCD array detector

*Sensitivity of up to 75 photons/count at 400 nm; 41 photons/count at 600 nm

*Integration times from 1 ms to >60 seconds

*16 bit, 3MHz A/D Converter* 4 triggering modesFull Detail

used USB 2000+

Used JAZ-COMBO--2, 2 Channel with PX, ethernet module, and battery module

Unit was used as demonstration model.

Both channels are identical with:

XR1 grating 188-1031nm

grating number 31

Lens Installed

25 um slits (changeable in the field).

PX light source is a Pulsed Xenon lamp.

Battery module allows portable operation.Full Detail