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UV-VIS Spectrometers

White Bear Photonics offers used spectrometers that have been pre-tested.

Thermo Biomate 3 UV-Vis Spectrometer

Biomate 3 with single cell option in new condition with manual and dust cover. Unit has lamp hours less than 1% of lifetime. System has been full tested with with calibrated standards. 

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Biomate 3

Thermo Helios Delta VIS Spectrometer

Helios Delta VIS Spectrometer with Universal cell holder. System has been tested for wavelength accuracy, absorbance stability, and is in excellent condition. System has been fully tested, new W lamp, and includes the manual and power cord. Universal cell holder is compatible with standard or long pass rectangular cuvettes or flat solid samples (e.g., filters).

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Helios Delta

Used Thermo Genesys 10 VIS Spectrometer

Genesys 10 Vis Single Cell in Excellent Condition. Includes manual, dust cover, and power cord.Full Detail

Genesys 10 Vis

Helios Beta UV-VIS Spectrometer 200-1100 nm

Helios Beta UV-Vis-NIR single beam spectrometer. System is in excellent condition and includes the 7 cell rotary changer, manual, and power cord. System has been fully tested for wavelength accuracy and stability. System has a floppy drive to transfer files in CSV format and an RS232 serial port.Full Detail

Helios Beta

(Evolution 201) Evolution 201 with Local Control

Evolution 201 LC Dual Beam UV-VIS spectrophotometer with rotary 6 cell changer.  Unit has local control with window XP embedded software.  Can also be used with a PC using the Insight software.  Wavelength Range 190-1100nm, Photometric range > 3.5A, Photometric repeatibility +/1.0002A.Full Detail

evolution 201